Ben Vonberg-Clark conductor

Benjamin is a choral conductor with a difference: he is also a singer and understands how one should sing. His use of gesture is appropriate to healthy, open and free singing and is encouraging rather than obstructive. His warm-ups are tailored around the challenges that arise in the repertoire being covered in the rehearsal. Rehearsals are carefully thought through so that they have variety, flow and fun. They aim to take singers to a place where they can feel free and uninhibited, and where their imaginations can soar.

Ben has been conducting since he was at school, directed the choir of St. John’s College, Durham at university alongside a jazz quartet (as a pianist and saxophonist) and now conducts three children’s choirs, two choral societies and three office choirs in London. More recently he has been hired as a choral consultant by city firms including Aviva, advising how to bring singing into offices and the benefits that it can bring.

Ben also leads one-off singing sessions and ‘come and sing’ days. These are lead with energy and variety with huge variety of repertoire. The aim is to spread the joy of singing and of music, and astounding quality can also be brought about through this enthusiasm and belief that there is no wrong interpretation when singing.